ICIHE 2019


The conference theme is “Humanising the 4th Industrial Revolution through Islamic Approach in Higher Education System”

    The conference conducted to achieve the objectives :
  1. To create a better awareness and understanding among Muslims on the importance of Islamic values in higher education System towards the development of future Ummah.
  2. To create better understanding on Islamic approach and solution to face the various current and future challenging of digital society.
  3. To create better understanding on humanizing Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) along with Islamic values.
  4. To harness the great potentials of Islamic Higher Education for future development of digital generation
  5. To formulate an Ummatic approach to the preparation and development of current and future Muslim generation.
  6. To help strengthen the identity of the Muslim Ummah through the empowerment of the Islamic lifestyle.

Sub-themes of 5th ICIHE 2019

  1. The Development of Society 5.0 - Research on the development of Islamic subject in higher education towards future Society 5.0.
  2. Teaching and Learning for Young Generation - Research on teaching and learning method in Islamic higher education for Y and Z generation.
  3. Islamic Value for Future Culture - Research on contribution of Islamic value toward future culture and civilization of Transformation in Higher Education.
  4. Islamic Practice on IR4.0 - Research on application of Islamic practices on 4th Industrial Revolutional.
  5. Contemporary Issues of Islamic Education

Academicians, undergraduates and postgraduates, government agencies, corporate bodies and non-governmental organizations who are directly involved with social responsibility field are welcome to participate.